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Aware, established in 1985 is a national charity in Ireland, which provides support, education and information about depression, anxiety and other common mental health problems. For more information about Aware read the About Aware Leaflet.  Aware have been delivering the Living Life to the Full classes, which they call the Life Skills Group Programme. Please click here to watch a video about how they have used our materials.


awarepage3Life Skills is supported by Tesco, who nationwide have organised mock weddings, fashion shows, dog shows, skydives, bake sales, golf tournaments, talent shows, 32 county challenges, pop-up shops, and some stores even walked across fire to support Aware! The money raised has enabled Aware to offer free depression support and information programmes to thousands of adults and secondary school students nationwide.

The Living Life to the Full classes they delivered have been independently evaluated by Aware. The evaluation showed a statistically significant improvement in participants’ self-reported levels of anxiety and depression after completing the programme. This means that participants of the Life Skills programme reported less levels of anxiety and depression after completing the programme.

To read more about the Living Life Course please Click Here

If you are a practitioner interested in coming on a training course or would like to your staff team to receive the training please contact or click here to check our upcoming events. To purchase the Living Life booklets please click here.



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